We organise halfday and fullday tours around Bomba Island. Enjoy the snorkelling amongst the beautiful coral reefs with Poyalisa boat trips guided an experienced captain

Our snorkelling tours

Bomba atoll

Bontoala reef

Capatana reef


Petri Heidi reef

Susana reef

Katrin reef

Stefan reef

Taupan Island beach


Poyalisa-Taupan Island beach IDR 300.000(Max 5pax)

Poyalisa-Bomba Atoll IDR 300.000(max 5pax)

Poyalisa-Petri Heidi reef IDR 400.000(max 5pax)

Payalisa-Cathrin reef IDR 300.000(max 5pax)

Poyalisa-Capatana and walking to the bat cave IDR 300.000(max 5pax)

Poyalisa-Mangrove and Bajau village tours IDR 300.000(max 5pax)

Bird watching tour(Hornbill tour) IDR 300.000(max 5pax)

Free snorkeling tour : Suzanna and Stevan reef

Boat charters:

Poyalisa-Una-Una Island IDR 1.500.000(max 4pax)

Poyalisa-Wakai/Kadidiri IDR 400.000(max 4pax)

Poyalisa-Katupat IDR 750.000(max 4pax)

Poyalisa-Malenge (Stop 1hour snorkelling at Jellyfish lake) IDR 1.000.000 (max 4pax)