From Bali
Take daily flights from Denpasar to Palu, then take plane from Palu to Ampana operated by Wings Air/ Lion group then take daily public speed boat directly to our resort which takes 50 minutes

Daily flights from Makasssar-Palu- Ampana operated by Wings Air/ Lion Air group, then take daily public boat leaves at 1pm or you can take a private boat

From Tana Toraja
Take a public bus or charter car to Ampana  with overnight stop in Tentena or directly to Ampana, then take a public boat next day or you can take private speed boat

From Palu
Take direct flight Palu- Ampana every day operated by Wings Air or take public minibus leaves at 10am and 5:00 pm from Palu directly to Ampana. Also you go over land by private car Palu- Ampana

From Luwuk
Take public transport from Luwuk to Ampana or take a car charter to Ampana (about 5 to 6 hours) 


From Gorontalo
Take public ferry departing Tuesday night and Friday night, arriving following morning in Wakai then catch daily public speed boat from Wakai to Ampana, but they can drop you off directly to our resort. The speed boat leaves twice a day. It leaves at 9am and 12pm from Wakai  which takes 40 minutes to our resort


From Ampana
Take daily public speed boat. it leaves at 9am and 12noon which takes 40 minutes direct to our resort or you can catch public boat departs from Ampana directly to our resort every Tuesday,Wednesday Friday and Sunday